Top 5 Poker Variations

Most of the Internet users are not new to a idea of the online casinos. Many people have even tried to use them for entertainment when they on the break at office or at home in our free time. Most of the online casino games are many which are like face to face ones. but there is the big difference where there is no need to be in the same room as the dealer or your opponent. That makes it a lot more convenient to play.

For online poker, we want to know what the big attractions for online poker enthusiasts are? Well, of course the chance to win big money is number one, but players love to play poker for the challenge and variety of games that are always provided. For sheer excitement and intensity there is nothing like poker at any casino, whether online or at Las Vegas.

It surprises most players to learn that there are over 100 different types of poker that are currently being played. Of these there are some that stand out as favorites of the public and these are the ones that draw the most crowds and pay the most out in winnings. In order to win you have to understand the rules and set ups for each of the types of poker that you want to play.

Top 5 poker variations and look at them individually for a moment:

1. Texas Hold em

2. Omaha Hold em

3. 7 card stud poker

4. Draw poker

5. Lowball

The classes of poker variations

Even many of these poker variations are broken down into smaller classes, including no limit, hi-lo, pot limit and limit varieties. Some of these give you a better advantage depending on your hole cards, while others throw a distinct advantage to you depending on where you are seated at the table. It is up to you to experiment and learn how to play.

You can count on these poker games to be found at most of the casinos in the world. Online poker rooms follow suit and these variations are just as popular with virtual poker players. Every online room will have big tournaments that feature Texas Hold em, Omaha Hold em and 7 card Stud. These are the same kinds of games that you find being played at clubs in your community, at peoples homes, in the top casinos and also at big TV tournaments.

Poker games all have rules and limits that are particular to the type of game that you are playing. If you are not familiar with these rules it will make your run for the money much more difficult. One of the best things you can do ahead of time is study the rules and strategy hints that you can find at top online gambling sites. Then you should practice your playing at the free tables until you are confident in your ability to hold your own.

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